About us

The University of Bristol is a leading centre for the study of environmental history and the environmental humanities. We are extremely proud to be able to host the biennial conference of the European Society for Environmental History in the United Kingdom for the first time since the society’s inaugural conference in St Andrews in 2001.

The Local Arrangements Committee is comprised of scholars closely connected to the Bristol environmental history community. They are:

  • Dr Marianna Dudley (co-chair)
  • Dr Andy Flack (co-chair)
  • Dr John Morgan
  • Dr Daniel Haines
  • Dr Ashley Dodsworth
  • Dr Adrian Howkins
  • Professor Karen Jones
  • Dr Kirk Sides
  • Dr Joan Passey
  • Dr Chris Pearson
  • Dr Michael Sugarman
  • Dr James Watts

Chair of the Programme Committee: Professor Sandra Swart

Please direct all conference enquiries to the co-chairs of the LAC, Marianna Dudley and Andy Flack: eseh-2022@bristol.ac.uk